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TRUCKBOSS TRUCK DECKS - Expand your hunting, fishing or RVing experience.

“TRUCKBOSS turned my truck box into a huge locking weatherproof vault for my hunting and fishing gear.  With a 2000# rating I haul my ATVs wherever I want—no more messing with trailers or unprotected gear in my truck box!”

Whether it is a week-long camping trip towing your holiday trailer or a Saturday riding with the boys, TRUCKBOSS has you covered.

- Forget about dragging that flat deck trailer through urban sprawl in order to get away for the day
- Take your ATVs places that a trailer won’t let you go—like into the bush, mountains, or desert
- Take your ATVs and your boat to the cottage
- Leave your holiday trailer at the campsite and maintain the ability to transport your ATVs—something a toyhauler trailer won’t do
- Secure your hunting, fishing, or outdoor gear in the WEATHER-PROOF VAULT that TRUCKBOSS creates in your truck box—your equipment is expensive,           keep it safe
- Safe NO-OPERATOR loading of your ATV, UTV, or snowmobile with an optional winch and Winch Plate mount (TBOSS-WP)

Rear Load for Capacity:
- Extend the sides; adjust the width from 6’ to 8.5’ to meet your needs
- Rear Load two ATVs on either the TRUCKBOSS-7 deck or the TRUCKBOSS-8 deck

Side-Load for Clearance:
- Install optional TBOSS-SLB (Side Load Bars)
- Leave the extendable sides adjusted at 6’
- Side Load two ATVs on the TRUCKBOSS-8
- Maximum turning clearance when towing a holiday trail

- Includes 10’ Telescopic FAT (52” wide) ramp (TEL-RAMP-10-F) or
- Two 10’ Telescopic SKINNY (16” wide) ramps (TEL-RAMP-10-S)
- Optional 12’ Telescopic FAT (52” wide) ramp (TEL-RAMP-12-F)
- Optional 12’ Telescopic SKINNY (16” wide) ramps (TEL-RAMP-12-S)
- Extendable Sides (6’ - 8.5’max width)
- Cab-Guard (TBOSS-CG)
- Ramp Bar
- Adjustable Height Support Legs (TBOSS-TEL-LEG)
- LED Parking/Clearance Lights
- Anodized Finish
- Rear Access Flap