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At Marathon, we began developing industry leading aluminum fabrication processes for the marine market in 1967.  From that date forward, close collaboration with recreation and commercial users led to continual improvement in our products.  Marathon combined state of the art manufacturing with high-tech material choices to produce products that withstood multiple mechanical stresses and functional requirements. 

In 1996 Marathon was incorporated as a limited company.  We furthered our reputation as an industry leader by developing efficient hull designs and innovative propulsion systems.  Under guidance from a new ownership group, Marathon expanded its offerings into non-marine products and started manufacturing the ATV and Snowmobile Truck Deck. 

The Truck Deck was not only a new product for Marathon but was also new to the truck accessory market—it offered all the utility of an open 2-place ATV/snowmobile trailer without the hassles of having to tow, store, or maintain a trailer.  We chose to manufacture this product from aluminum due to its strength, light weight, and durability. Of course, the company-wide expertise developed during our 40 year history of fabricating aluminum leant some credence to our material choice.

The original truck deck was an 8’ wide, aluminum framed, structural tonneau cover with an integrated cab guard and 2-piece ramp.  This product permitted the transport of 2 snowmobiles or 2 ATVs on one truck.  The following years led to a steady increase in sales and market size for Marathon’s truck deck.  Proprietary aluminum extrusions were developed to ease manufacture and increase function of the product; allowing Marathon to pay greater attention to detail than any other deck manufacturer.  This care in design rendered our products aesthetically pleasing and permitted us to maintain consistent manufacturing parameters and outstanding durability—a large part of what sets us above the competition. 

In 2006 Marathon ceased production of marine products to concentrate on the manufacturing, marketing, and sales of the Marathon Truck Deck.  Because of this dedication we are the market leader in Truck Decks

Company Present

In 2007 Marathon started the R & D process for our next generation of truck decks.  Two and a half years later Marathon introduced the North American truck accessory market to TRUCKBOSS at the 2009 SEMA Show.  It earned a prestigious position in Truck Trend magazine’s “SEMA 2009 –20 Best New Products” review of the SEMA Show. 

TRUCKBOSS is a modular, aluminum, extrusion based truck deck with form to match its function.  It is user/dealer assembled within hours and contains no welded components.  It will fit any full sized truck box in short, standard, or long box configurations and does not require specific fit for different makes or models of truck.  TRUCKBOSS was developed using “capture channels” in all of the aluminum extrusions.  “Capture channel” technology allows versatility and adjustment when installing the deck, and permits the addition of bolt-on accessories and unlimited tie-down points.  The head of a 5/16” carriage bolt is “captured” within a channel and can then be slid anywhere along that channel into unlimited positions on the deck surface, the underside of the deck, the side extrusions, and the headache rack.

Optional extendable sides, cab guard, ramps and winch mount for automatic loading turn TRUCKBOSS into the ultimate snowmobile, ATV, UTV, dirt bike, and street bike hauling truck accessory.  Under deck cargo management systems, ladder racks, and deck-top mounted tool-boxes turn TRUCKBOSS into the upfitter’s dream for tradesmen and fleets alike.